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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneJul 27, 2016
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020

Publisher: Krewe Studios

Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Obliterate your enemies with violent soul crushing attacks, earn truck loads of cash, unlock an arsenal of weapons, eat your weight in fast food, and if you die trying, activate your finest clone and try again. War has never been so much fun! Through brainwave stimulation media technology, Network X feeds the masses their imagination's wildest dreams in perfect clarity, and in real time. Pure sensationalism, violence, despair, exactly what the people want. Government is for hire. Fast food, corporate backed currency, and contract armies make the the world go round. Justice is a paycheck from Network X, cashed in the studio tour gift shop. From fast food restaurant chains to live TV news, Network X has gained control of almost every modern industry. Network X has spent decades developing a mythical teleportation technology. This teleportation technology was compromised to a contract army who calls itself, Sabre. As a result, Sabre has taken aim at Network X and everything it controls. No longer able to protect their own interests, Network X hires a rag tag group of mercenaries who’ve been tasked with eradicating Sabre. Your job is to destroy Sabre on live TV as Network X's top hit news program, Action News Heroes. Put on a good show to boost Network X's ratings, and discover why Sabre has a sudden interest in destroying Network X.

Action News Heroes Critic Reviews

I’d rather watch the news than play Action News Heroes and that says enough.

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The bosses are easily forgettable, and are so simplified that the fights are actually more mindless and tedious than traversing your way through a level

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