The Last Blade

DotEmu, SNK Playmore
Aug 31, 2016 - PC
3.5 / 5
Nintendo Life
9 / 10
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THE LAST BLADE - Steam (PC) Trailer thumbnail

THE LAST BLADE - Steam (PC) Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Last Blade

The Last Blade brings thrilling and strategic sword-based combat to Windows PCs, but the game's barren online play means that you'll need to mix it up with local friends.

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Easy to pick up and play, The Last Blade may at first seem a simple fighting game but you'll soon discover a good range of fighting options as you employ a mix of defensive and offensive tactics to see you through. Fights among the well-balanced cast of characters are hugely entertaining whether putting together a series of moves, interrupting an attack with a well timed deflection or simply stopping your opponent's assault with a kick to the face. Its excellent sequel will make an appearance on Switch in the future and should you only wish to have one Last Blade game, you'll need to decide if you prefer some extra characters and the EX mode to the balanced fighter lineup in this first game. Ideally, they'd be bundled together, but even on its own The Last Blade is one of the best picks for Switch-owning fighting fans.

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