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Yon Paradox (VR)

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftMay 6, 2016
HTC ViveMay 6, 2016

Developer: Digital Mantis

Publishers: Merge Games, IV Productions

Genre: Survival

What happens when a time machine goes crazy? Avoiding dangerous time paradoxes, your only hope is to repair the machine between the time rewinds. The antimatter instability causes a black wave of time-distortion, bringing you back in time: each time the cyber world will be populated by yourself and your past alter-egos. They will replicate all the actions you previously did, and being seen by them will cause a mortal time paradox. You will have to solve mini puzzles to retrieve the gears to repair the time machine, and to survive to your past-egos in a puzzle game with yourself and your own mind.

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