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Carrie’s Order Up!

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 13, 2016

Developer: Ink Dragon Works

Genre: Arcade

Carrie's Order Up! is a challenging arcade game inspired by the likes of Pac-Man and Game & Watch. As Carrie, a crab waitress in a port town's restaurant, you have to serve spaghetti, pancakes, and burgers to all kinds of sea creatures without bumping into them! Aside from charming characters and SNES-quality pixel art, this game contains: - Service Mode featuring 20 Rounds of food serving and fish skirting. - Friendlier difficulty level for those who want a more easy-going experience. - Earn money to unlock new features: endless mode, holiday mode, color palettes... and a playable extra character! - 160 side challenges for completionists for those who seek a true challenge. - Game pad support. - In-game record keeping. - High score tables to compete with others on Steam, including your friends. Mechanics may be simple, but a level of depth to the mechanics exist, with tons of achievements to reward those that learn to master being a crab waitress! If you're looking for a cute and challenging game that lifts inspiration from arcade titles, you'll find hours of entertainment in Carrie's Order Up!

Carrie’s Order Up! Critic Reviews

There’s a lot to like about Carrie’s Order Up! The charming concept and visuals enhance its core frantic arcade gameplay.

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