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General Information

Available on:PCDec 5, 2016

Developer: Fazan

Genres: Horror, Adventure

Beastiarium — plunge into the mysterious world full of secrets and monsters, its atmosphere will keep you in suspense throughout the story. The action takes place in underground Petersburg in the beginning of 20th century, one hundred years later since the monsters invaded the planet. Survivors were forced to move underground and build a "new world". Next generations fully adapted to their new life and never again came to the surface. Underground hideaways were developed into full-fledged cities with complex infrastructure and life-support systems. However, the escape plan wasn't perfect: the underground cities were infiltrated by the monsters again and again, and people had to always be on guard. To control the situation, they established the Guard. But why are people afraid to leave their homes, and who is the true danger here?

Beastiarium Critic Reviews

Beastiarium sets out to combine horror and story, yet feels completely disconnected from both. In the end, so little story is actually delivered cohesively and it so rarely feels even tense.

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Basic, boring, ugly mess that is glitch city. The game has no plot, no motivation and there is zero reason for anyone to play this game. Complete sewer poop!

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