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General Information

Available on:PCDec 28, 2016

Developer: Waygetter Electrionics

Publisher: Little Flag Software

Genre: Horror

There’s not much reference online but the original version, Mama Tattletail, was recalled years earlier… and I’m pretty sure I know why. Tattletail is a short, story-driven first person horror game about everyone's favorite talking toy from the 90's. You opened your Tattletail before Christmas, and now he won't stay in his box. Can you keep him out of trouble until Christmas day? Or will Mama Tattletail find her baby and hunt you down first? I heard she was recalled after she ate a kid's eyes out. Just a rumor.

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Tattletail is basically what you get when you cross Five Nights at Freddy’s theming, Slender’s gameplay, and an 80s VHS aesthetic with complete and utter tedium.

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While it's by no means perfect, Tattletail goes beyond mere jump-scares and delivers an experience that is genuinely and persistently frightening.

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Tattletail™ Release Trailer [Official]

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