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Super Blast Deluxe

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Dec 20, 2016
PlayStation VitaFeb 16, 2016
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: Raptus Games

Genre: Platformer

Prepare to Blast with Red the Imp! this mischievous little rascal with a ferocious appetite for chilis. He has been tasked with lighting up the skies to keep the party going and he plans to spice up the night before the sun comes out. But it will be no easy task. Your blasting adventures will take you to several exotic and perilous locations and over 60 increasingly challenging levels. Unlock friends to help you on your quest and train on the lost arts of chilimancy to expand your blasting abilities. Blast from barrel to barrel with precise timing, avoid devious traps and obstacles, and make sure to collect Mystical chilies to progress through each world. Stupendous marvels, Talking chilies, Spiky surfaces and Sparkling wonders await.

Super Blast Deluxe Critic Reviews

8 / 10

The game was a lot of fun and a good game to play on PlayStation 4. The fast-paced action definitely continues to become more challenging and hectic as you progress in the game, which is why you’ll need to focus 100% on the screen at all times because one mistake can ruin your run!

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Super Blast Deluxe is an enjoyable portable game with a unique premise that goes hand-in-hand with simple yet gratifying gameplay.

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Surge deluxe is fun to play In bursts when you have a short amount of time to kill. After a while the game becomes quite redundant and looses a lot of excitement. There are no real goals to keep you playing. You play for the high score and nothing more. A leveling system that unlocks weapons or powers that you can use in game would give you a better incentive to keep playing, but unfortunately this doesn’t exist. There is very little to keep you playing once you loose interest in getting the high score. This would be a good game to pick up in a sale for cheap. It’s nice to have a game that you can quickly play and not have to commit large amounts of time to. I enjoyed the game and I will probably keep it on my Vita as a handy game to play now and then, but don’t buy this game expecting to burn large amounts of game time.

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SUPER BLAST DELUXE - Prepare to Blast Trailer | PS Vita thumbnail

SUPER BLAST DELUXE - Prepare to Blast Trailer | PS Vita

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