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Samurai Sword VR

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Game Information

Available on:HTC ViveJan 30, 2017

Developer: SAT-BOX

Publisher: Degica

Genre: Action

Welcome to ancient Japan.

A virtual reality action experience using the HTC Vive

- Select from 7 authentic stages straight out of ancient Japan, plus...
- Put your ninja skills to the test in 2 challenging kunai and shuriken-only levels!
- Slice through anything that stands in your way (what, is that a fish!?) to rack up high scores and compete against others
- Traditional, atmospheric, Japanese soundtrack
- Battle your way through a Japanese castle featuring an epic boss battle
- Choose from a flame, lightning, or standard katana
- Ride a wooden boat through an ancient Japanese town, travel through a cherry blossom lined field, battle in a bamboo forest, and more!
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4 / 10

Samurai Sword VR's arcade-style katana swinging and shuriken/kunai throwing is a bit too clumsy and chaotic, requiring less skill and more frantic flailing to succeed. Sure, this can be fun, but ultimately only for a short time. There's simply not enough variety, or accuracy to the hit detection, to make this a title that demands replayability, despite the pull of online leaderboards and the otherwise highly accessible VR, on-rails action.

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