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Super Pixel Smash

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftJan 25, 2017
HTC ViveJan 25, 2017

Developer: Rank17

Genre: Arcade

You have been chosen to compete in the world-renowned sport of Super Pixel Smash! Only the best have answered the call and only the best of the best can hold the crown of SUPER PIXEL SMASHER! Dive into the competitive world of Super Pixel Smash! Hone your skills by smashing powerful shots at the interactive walls, targeting power-ups for increased scoring, multi-balls, and charged shots! Keep on your toes avoiding the dreaded death panels! Race against the clock to finish each level and achieve the greatest score in the world!

Super Pixel Smash Reviews

If Super Pixel Smash was one part of a larger collection of mini-games, it would be a standout.

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