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Mercenaries Saga 3

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSDec 15, 2016

Developers: CIRCLE Ent., Rideon,Inc / RideonJapan,Inc

Genre: Strategy

Long ago there were two continents, split into north and south by a large ocean. These two continents under went vastly different development. In the north continent, the Flare Kingdom, with their advanced industry and powerful military background, expanded their sphere of influence. They annexed neighboring states until the entire north continent was under their control. On the other hand, the tribes of the Kirialos country in the southern continent were at constant war over their plentiful resources. Having achieved domination of their own continent, the Flare Kingdom set their sights on Kirialos's resources. The Flare Kingdom intervened in the wars on the south continent in the name of peacekeeping, but took complete control in the blink of an eye. The Flare Kingdom set up a puppet government in Kirialos, whilst syphoning the wealth obtained from its resources back to their own continent. That's when the "Liberation Army" appeared - it's sights set on overthrowing the Kingdom and its puppet government. To deal with this uprising, the Kingdom set up a local ministry of war. The name of the Kingdom's foreign campaign regiment was "Coronea"― The mercenaries who joined this unit, be it for money, fame or honor, became known as the "Kingdom's Dogs". This is where their story begins. Battles take place on an isometric grid, requiring you to move characters and take advantage of terrain in order to be successful.

Mercenaries Saga 3 Critic Reviews

Mercenaries Saga 3 stands out; not for any particularly compelling features, radical design decisions or memorable characters, but rather for the simple fact that it's a commendably competent strategy RPG that comes cheap as chips. It doesn't do much to distance itself from its predecessor — Mercenaries Saga 2 — so veterans from that campaign may find a bit of fatigue here, but if you're fresh to the battle there's plenty to enjoy: satisfying gameplay, quick pacing, and an appealing art style make a lack of overall originality and smaller presentational hiccups more forgivable.

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Mercenaries Saga 3 may not be the most ambitious game ever made but fans of SRPGs will find plenty to be satisfied about thanks to the game's use of strategy in combat and good long-term appeal. Some unique gameplay elements also help it in standing apart from other games of the genre and other than a plot that could be more elaborate, Mercenaries Saga 3 is a competent follow-up to the series that will offer plenty of value to those who put their hands on it.

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