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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 1, 2017

Developer: On5

Genres: Arcade, Action

SQUAKE is the well loved classical “Snake” game with a mix of full-steam battle mechanics. Think of it as of Snake+Quake! Quite clever, eh? We thought so. It’s a multiplayer action-packed combat-trains game! Collect cars to become longer. Destroy other trains and try to not die by hitting yourself because that would be totally embarrassing for a train to do. We have 10 unique arenas with traps, power-ups, medals, trophies and all kinds of different game modes: deathmatch, team towers, domination, capture the flag, endless mode! Oh, and you can decorate your train with all kinds of different fancy smokes and ride in style! CHO-CHOO to GLORY!

SQUAKE Reviews

For its price, SQUAKE is definitely worth a go if you're looking for something fun to play in short bursts.

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