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Molemen Must Die!

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 21, 2017

Developer: Mokomoto

Genre: Action

Your president has been insulted by the Mole King and it’s up to you to defend his honor and claim revenge! Escort an unfeasibly huge bomb to the center of the earth in endless falling platform action. Brace yourself for ridiculous deaths at high speed as you equip a bounty of spectacularly overpowered weapons and bizarre power-ups that constantly shake up your tactics. Take on the Molemen and their allies, evading and attacking as they try to destroy you, your bomb and your one objective - REVENGE!

Molemen Must Die! Critic Reviews

This game would be funny if the reality of it wasn't so terrifying.

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Molemen Must Die! is a pretty solid action title, especially given its low price. Certainly it is a shallow game, but at a price point of three dollars, it's not hard to get your money's worth out of it. If you like a good laugh at the expense of an overly sensitive man who wants to build a wall... erm, drop a bomb, then you will likely get a chuckle out of the premise here. However, other than a few bits of background signage and the wordless introduction that quickly plays out at the start of each game, the political tongue-in-cheek is quickly forgotten in favour of the frantic action.

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