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Flix and Chill

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Game Information

Available on:PCFeb 27, 2017

Developer: Jason Lovett

Publisher: K Bros Games

Genre: Interactive Story

Flix & Chill is a dating simulator where your end goal is to get your date to "Flix & Chill" with you. Do you have what it takes to do the bowchickawowow? In Flix & Chill you take on the role of various individuals on their first blind date, your goal is to woo them, or not, it’s entirely up to you. Tread carefully though or your date may leave to go to the bathroom and never return. Each episode will introduce you to new characters and their own branching dialogue decisions with moral choices and a multitude of unique endings.
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Flix and Chill - Steam Game Trailer

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For the price you get a decently designed dating simulator with some witty moments and a good amount of choice. Don't go in expecting more than that and you'll be rewarded well.

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