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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Apr 26, 2017
PlayStation VitaApr 26, 2017
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Relevo

Genre: Platformer

Baboon! is something different – full of depth, with a funny story, constant gameplay twists, really challenging stages and tonnes of secrets and sidequests. Everything we love about videogames is mostly there… well except zombies, ninjas and robots. Or zombie ninja robots. When playing Baboon!, you’ll take the role of Tumbili, a little monkey that can’t jump, so he needs to bomb himself through the skies in order to recover all floating bananas. The culprit of this flying fruit chaos is no other than the evil Pirate Baboon and his gang of dastardly foes, who are messing around with Banana Island’s inhabitants with the help of gadgets such as jetpacks or the mighty antigravity raygun. And this is just the start of Tumbili’s great adventure!

Baboon! Critic Reviews


Baboon! is a fun little time waster that is very addictive. Not being able to jump completely changes the way you approach this fast-paced release, giving it a unique feel. The graphics are colorful and fun and match the feel of the gameplay, and there's plenty of levels with some clever design that will keep you busy for a while. If you're looking for an entertainable arcade-style release, then be sure to give Baboon! a try!

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8 / 10

I had a lot of fun with Baboon! Its short levels with an arcade style of gameplay, charming and colorful story, the many medals to obtain, all the items up for purchase and those you can obtain from quests will keep you busy for a while. The boost to the game's visual and performance from its original PS Vita release are noticeable, making this the definitive version of the game.

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Baboon! isn't a bad game per se, but because of its flaws I can only really recommend it to the most die-hard of platform fans looking for a new quirky challenge.

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Baboon!® - PS4 (Launch Trailer) (EU) (English)

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