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General Information

Available on:PCJan 31, 2017

Developer: Windybeard

Genres: Simulation, Adventure

Geo is a game about building and expanding an intergalactic mining corporation. Explore uncharted space and discover comets, moons, Planets and gas giants before heading in and drilling the cash out of them! Expand your HQ, build new rooms and facilities to increase your drilling stats. Hire unique crew members to aid you in becoming the biggest and best intergalactic mining corporation in the cosmos. Collect hundreds of weird and wonderful items all used to research new facilities and crew members. Discover giant frozen planets, acid filled metallic moons, scorching sandy comets and more, all in the name of profits. Gather, Explore and Observe!

GEO Critic Reviews

A very simple game with little variety in gameplay. Can be decent to kill a few hours.

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