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Shoot Shoot Mega Pack

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 28, 2017

Developer: Actual Humans

Genre: Action

Are you tired of settling for just one game to play with your friends? Does the thought of needing to pick a single game for your party paralyze you? Well blow out a candle and call it your birthday, because we have just the game for you! In Shoot Shoot Mega Pack you and up to three friends can duke it out head-to-head in any of four 2D shooters, each one focusing on its own core mechanic! Push each other into walls that expand with every shot in zoom, thrust and shoot together in sync, avoid a barrage of black holes in void, or carefully try to find your invisible friends before they find you in fade! For the tinkerers out there, mix and match rules however you want in custom mode! Try 'em once or mark them as your faves and come back to them whenever you want! Finding all these options too overwhelming? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Take a load off and let the party gods choose for you in party mode or take your chances with an endless stream of randomly generated rulesets in chaos mode! There's no right way to play Shoot Shoot Mega Pack, just make sure you do it with friends!

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack Reviews

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is fun for those who still crave local multiplayer. The short nature of each game mode ensures that matches don't last too long, while the customization means that you can mix things up if the four main modes are starting to wear on you. It may not have a single-player mode, online play, or even bots to practice against, but it's very good at what it does. If you want another go-to game for local multiplayer sessions, Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is worth a shot.

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