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Puzzle Showdown 4K

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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4May 23, 2017
PCMay 30, 2017

Developer: Kingdom Games

Genre: Puzzle

Puzzle Showdown 4K introduces a new way to build jigsaw puzzles! Competitive Multiplayer!

A New Twist on a Classic Game!
Puzzle Showdown 4K is a fun new way to build jigsaw puzzles. Play it casually in single player mode or with up to 4 friends in a puzzle building showdown. Includes over 100 Ultra HD puzzles, over 5 hours of music and a Showcase mode to listen and view all that wonderful content.

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Puzzle Showdown 4K Trailer - PlayStation 4

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8 / 10.0

Puzzle Showdown 4K won't disappoint those who enjoy putting puzzles together as it is packed with plenty of them and options to vary them up. For those who don't like puzzles there really is no point for you to pick this game up though. It's a relaxing game to wind down to and kill some time but it can also bring some nice competition if you play it with family or friends.

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Planet PlayStation

8.3 / 10.0
Charles Kyle

This is a title that I really wasn't fond of initially but one that grew on me over the course of playing it. I really enjoy putting puzzles together and just didn't know how that would translate over to a video game. Though it doesn't give you the exact same feeling of accomplishment it definitely makes up for the fact you don't have to clutter up your house just to find room. This will definitely be a game for any puzzle lovers out there that like me, simply do not have the room nor the ability to put a puzzle together the traditional way.

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Gert Lush Gaming

7.8 / 10.0
Gert Lush Gaming

A really enjoyable jigsaw game and who doesn't love a good jigsaw!

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