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NEXT JUMP: Schmup Tactics

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 28, 2017

Developer: Post Mortem Pixels

Genres: Arcade, Strategy

NEXT JUMP is a love letter to shmup's [Shoot 'em up or space shooters], read in a slightly different manner: In turn-based battles! Your mission, our mission, is very simple: The dragons are fleeing with all our Elixir supply. Stop them! We have an advantage: We are FASTER. Our engines are capable of doing "Juxtaposition Ultra Movement Positioning", or JUMPs, as we call it. It will not be easy, as the Dragon drones can invade our Jumps, attacking us inside while traveling faster than light. These drones are predictable and always act by following pre-set patterns, but too many drones within the JUMP can be certain death!

NEXT JUMP: Schmup Tactics Reviews



The real star of the show in Next Jump is its combat, both because it is the best, most developed part of the game and because it is how you will spend the vast majority of your time with this title. Everything else is generally serviceable, whether it be the upgrades, weapons, or overworld map.

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Next Jump is a great, but flawed game. There's good, tactical fun to be had if you can overlook some poor design.

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