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General Information

Available on:PCAug 16, 2017

Developer: Casualogic

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

StellarHub is a starbase management game with strong survival elements, where you act as the Captain of a space station embarked on a pioneering mission to build new homes for humans in outer space. ASSEMBLE MODULES TO BUILD AN EXTENSIVE STATION You can choose from a range of 30 different modules (including solar panels, research labs, crew quarters, organic farms, greenhouses and many more) equipped with all kind of facilities to ensure your station stays functional and safe. Every module consumes a certain amount of energy and oxygen and needs time and resources to be assembled so ponder your choices carefully! MANAGE, TAKE CARE AND ENHANCE YOUR STATION CREW Each crew member is endowed with a unique set of skills and abilities, as well as personality traits and specific needs. Find the most efficient way to assign them to various tasks such as construction, extraction of resources, research and trade. Watch your crew thrive but always remember to keep an eye on their morale and health conditions -- once someone dies they're gone forever! Preserve them by building special modules for leisure activities and med bays. DEVELOP RESEARCH AND TRADE TO ENHANCE THE EFFICIENCY OF YOUR STATION Use the Scientific Research Map to unlock special bonuses and technologies that affect some vital aspects of your station ecosystem such as the speed of resource depletion, the power of your defense weapons, the growth rate of livestock and so on. Trade ores and other resources with space merchants to avoid running out of funds or supplies. TEST YOUR PLANNING SKILLS ON DIFFERENT TYPES OF ENVIRONMENTS You will be able to choose among 6 different worlds offering unique playing conditions and challenges to face (sun and meteor activity, the presence of space pirates, resource amount and placement, etc.) or to randomly generate a completely new map. Will you be able to master them all?

StellarHub Critic Reviews

StellarHub is a great example for those who are interested in management sims. It's hard, and becomes very hard if you select the worst conditions, but it is always rewarding to see the little smileys while clicking through your beloved space station.

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