ACA NEOGEO: Blue's Journey

HAMSTER Corporation

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ACA NEOGEO: Blue's Journey

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneSep 7, 2017
Nintendo SwitchSep 6, 2017
PlayStation 4Sep 7, 2017

Publisher: HAMSTER Corporation

Genre: Arcade

BLUE'S JOURNEY is a side-scrolling action game released by SNK in 1991. In order to save the planet Raguy from the invasion of the Daruma tribe, the hero Blue must fight using leaves, boomerangs, and a variety of other weapons along with his special ability to change his body size. The branching stages allow you to enjoy the game again and again.

ACA NEOGEO: Blue's Journey Reviews

It looks basic but Blue's Journey can still entertain with some fun moments and precision platforming. Other times developer Alpha Denshi favours an increase in enemy numbers rather than cunning level design to provide the challenge, and it's at these points that the game can get really repetitive. There remains enough charm to prevent boredom setting in, but there's not much content to keep players coming back. The standard ACA Hi-Score and Caravan modes add replayability, but Blue's Journey is one players will be unlikely to take often.

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