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Alan Zucconi

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Still Time

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 23, 2017
PlayStation VitaAug 23, 2017

Developer: Alan Zucconi

Genres: Puzzle, Platformer

Still Time is a 2D puzzle platformer about time travel and temporal physics. As the protagonists discovers their powers, you will learn how to control the flow of time. This unique ability will allow you to solve puzzles and to overcome obstacles that would otherwise be impossible for a single player. Platforms, boxes, sensors, lasers... all the puzzle games you are familiar with will suddenly feel new and challenging when coupled with time travel. - Over 40 levels to challenge your understanding of time - A novel game mechanic that allows you to bend the rules of physics - A unique aesthetics that beautifully blends pixel arts with 3D elements - A mind bending story that spawns over time and space Who can you trust, when you can't even trust Time itself?

Still Time Reviews


I was very impressed by the ingenuity of the game. The developer clearly knows what he is doing and has done it superbly. The game is very polished, not just in its graphics but in its gameplay, and offers a solid workout for your brain. Still Time is a cross-buy release, so you'll end up getting it for PS4 and Vita with a single purchase, and I have to say it's definitely worthy of your time and money! I loved this game, and I look forward to seeing what Alan Zucconi does next!

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8 / 10

Still Time is a fun puzzle/platformer release on PS4 with plenty to do and an interesting premise that will keep you coming back for more until the end. Being able to set several timeline versions of “you” into motion while having to worry about all of them surviving up to after you've exited a room will require some extra effort on your end during the final part of the game, but it's definitely worth it. Braid this isn't – as the game cheekily tells you at one point – and that change in focus gives us a different take on the whole rewind gameplay mechanic.

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