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Ghosts of Miami

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 22, 2017

Developer: Pillow Fight

Genre: Interactive Story

Miami, 1986. An overtasked police force can barely keep up with the murders, let alone the enormous backlog of missing persons cases. Enter Chelo Martínez, a brand new private eye determined to find the people who slip through the cracks. Help Chelo navigate the beaches and back alleys of Miami at the height of the cocaine epidemic, and investigate five original cases, including the disappearance of her own father, ten years ago. You pick where to investigate, how to handle a suspicious witness, and who to call for backup. Along the way, you'll meet an incredible cast of characters who can help Chelo or throw her off-track. There's even a little romance, but pursing that cute EMT at the hospital or your childhood best friend could chip away at the limited time you have to solve each case. Chelo grows and changes based on your choices; whether she becomes an ace detective is up to you! But be prepared for danger, tragedy, and distractions to block her way... Featuring an amazing original soundtrack, lush illustrations, and seven possible endings, Ghosts of Miami will pull you into 1986, and you'll never want to leave.

Ghosts of Miami Reviews

Ghosts of Miami mixes a detective story and romantic themes in a colorful and vibrant setting, but a couple of mechanical flaws make it slightly tricky to experience repeat playthroughs.

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