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HAMSTER Corporation

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ACA NEOGEO Mutation Nation

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneOct 26, 2017
Nintendo SwitchOct 26, 2017
PlayStation 4Oct 27, 2017

Publisher: HAMSTER Corporation

Genre: Arcade

MUTATION NATION is an action game released by SNK in 1992. Humans turned into mutants by the hands of a genius biologist have gone on a rampage. To save their hometown, two youths rise up to resist. Battle with courage using full action combos along with 6 special moves.

ACA NEOGEO Mutation Nation Reviews

A larger character choice would be good, but there's a solid range of enemy attackers to deal with during your playthrough. A number of moves (including the sometimes tactical use of specials) keeps the fighting entertaining whether playing alone or with a friend. There are some decent character designs for the mutants and robots, with some nice touches in their animations such as a transformation or the way a seemingly human foe's face is punched off to reveal the robot inside. Once cleared there's not a lot of immediate replay value, but you can always try and improve in the Hi Score and Caravan modes; whenever you do boot it up, Mutation Nation provides a great scrolling beat 'em up fix.

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