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Beekyr Reloaded

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 14, 2017

Developer: KaleidoGames

Publisher: Indie Tribe

Genres: Arcade, Action

Beekyr Reloaded is an hardcore cute'em up game (shoot'em up with bees). The game breaks molds, moving away from the typical STG game, avoiding the space theme mixing vertical and horizontal scrolling stages with fun game mechanics. Each stage is very different from the previous: one level we could be fighting poisonous scorpions, another defending the hive collecting pollen, dodging bee-eaters, raiding dark caves protected by the most evil of wasps: Hornets. FEATURES Mold-breaking theme: Based in the treacherous world of insects. 'Shmup first-play' friendly gameplay: Novice mode and 'Generic Shoot’em up/STG Tutorial' to enable new players understand and enjoy all shmup games. Horizontal and Vertical stages with very different game formats! 17 cool bosses to fight Tons of secrets: multiple playable characters, multiple endings, unlockable stages / worlds, retro visual effects. Real co-op multiplayer mode Enormous re-playability: 4 different stage combinations that might offer from 18 to 29 stages. Depending on game events / difficulty mode Global rank system, achievements Natural hazards in each level (storms, waterfalls, wind, rocks, darkness...) Powerups system. Innovatives 'Bee-squad' bomb and 'Bee-swarm' flock attack! GAME MODES Novice: (19 Stages)Learn how to play a shoot'em up game (a.k.a shmup) and get ready for the real action. Arcade: (25 Stages)Play the game at its original difficulty designed to have you playing for hours to reach a total completed game. Bullet hell: (28 Stages)Play the game similar to a bullet hell game, plus some extra levels. Expert: (28 Stages)Play the game harder and with some extra levels. Elite: (18 Stages)Play the game even harder, beat the game and receive at home a reward from Kaleidogames if you are one of the first few to accomplish it.

Beekyr Reloaded Critic Reviews

7 / 10

Beekyr Reloaded is a fun and to the point shoot ‘em up with a solid art style and a soundtrack that matches the action. It's a very colorful release where you will fly all over the place as you destroy anything foolish enough to stand in your way, traversing backdrops full of grass, trees, branches and more – the stuff you'd expect to find when going outdoors to a park. Check out Beekyr Reloaded from Kaleido Games and Akaoni Studio on Nintendo Switch!

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The cute-em-up antics of Beekyr Reloaded have got the foundation down, but its presentation will make it or break it for a lot of people. Those weaned on shooters like Gradius may like what's on display here, but your mileage may vary.

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Beekyr Reloaded : Level 2-1

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Beekyr Reloaded (1.0 - November 2017)

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