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Tenta Shooter

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 8, 2017

Developer: Rakugaki Games

Publisher: Henteko Doujin

Genre: Arcade

OVERVIEW Everyone’s favorite tentacle themed arcade style bullet hell shooter is now on Steam! Satisfying! Send enemy bullets flying back at them with well-timed bullet counters. Overpower giant monster girl bosses with a vigorous barrage of bullets!   A top down Shoot ‘Em Up game for the tentacle age.

Tenta Shooter Reviews

Tenta Shooter is a perfectly decent bullet-hell arcade game with a simple mechanic that provides nice flexibility in both score-chasing and surviving the levels.

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Cubed3 Staff
6 / 10

With its tight controls, solid mechanics, and fun scoring system, Tenta Shooter is an altogether pleasing addition to any shmup fan's library.

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