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Misao: Definitive Edition

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 25, 2017

Developer: sen

Publisher: AGM PLAYISM

Genres: Horror, Adventure

MISAO is a horror-adventure game in which you search for a young girl who has disappeared in a cursed school. PLOT Just three months ago, a young girl went missing. Her name is Misao. She was a classmate of the player's character. Quiet and reclusive, this plain girl was often the target of bullies. Since the day she disappeared, rumors spread throughout the school of unnatural phenomena. The children called it "Misao's curse"... CHARACTERS Protagonist In this game you can choose a female or male protagonist. This will not have a major impact on the story itself, but some of the dialogue and scenes differ slightly for the different genders and personalities. Misao A young girl who went missing. In the classroom she is considered is a plain, reclusive girl. Her grudge is at the root of this story. Tohma A boy with a handsome face, popular with the girls. But he is no knight in shining armor. Saotome An attractive girl, popular with the boys. Nicknamed "Otome". Ayaka  A girl with her head in the clouds. She has a thing for her teacher Sohta. Yoshino She is the ringleader of the bullies who harassed Misao. Kudoh A boy with a mature, collected personality. A childhood friend of Misao. Kurata A handsome, kind teacher who has earned the respect of his students. Onigawara President of the student council. A mysterious figure who seems to know a lot about recent events. Library A mysterious young woman who got her name from spending copious amounts of time in the library. She can offer the player hints.

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Misao may not be a filling portion, but sometimes all you need is a bite-sized parody.

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