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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 7, 2017

Developer: Zerodiv

Genre: Arcade

Who called for a GUNBIRD? In 19th century Europe, five GUNBIRDs are challenged. They keep each wish to themselves and collect the magic mirror of Atra. Whose wish will be granted by the power of the mirror? It depends on your playing skill. This is Psikyo’s GUNBIRD!

Gunbird Reviews

Gunbird is a lot of fun, both in its gameplay and the use of a wacky cast of characters.

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Gunbird is a classic arcade shoot 'em up that's full of fun times but that fun doesn't last long at all.

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Gunbird is a faithful port of a solid 90s shoot-em-up. Its fantastic range of difficulty levels means that most gamers will be suitably catered for, but there are undoubtedly stronger examples of the genre currently available on Switch.

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