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Cobalt WASD

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 30, 2017

Developer: Oxeye Game Studio

Publisher: Mojang

Genre: Action

Two teams of adorable murder-bots duke it out over a number of rounds. One side attempts to plant and detonate bombs in their opponents’ base, and the other, quite reasonably, attempts to stop them. Designed for 4-versus-4 players, each round earns money (or "volts") which the teams can spend on outlandish equipment and weaponry. Take a stealth suit, slip past the enemy’s defences and snipe from the shadows, or dive straight into the fray, deflecting incoming shots with the reflector shield. Or toss a time bomb into the mosh-pit and watch as bullets and bots dance in balletic slow-motion! Synchronize with your team to achieve the best strategy and claim ultimate victory! FEATURES: Built especially for PC, with fluid controls tuned for WASD movement and mouse-aim. Cool traversal abilities - dashing, teleportation, jet shoes and grappling hooks. Five unique suits with abilities such as Time Distortion, Time Booster, Bullet Deflector, Cloaking, and Kinetic Absorber! Over 30 different kinds of weapons and tools! Mecha-styled vehicles to bring to the battle! Damage-bonus hit zones including: head, eye and from behind! 10 maps at launch and more to come, plus workshop maps! 4 versus 4 multi-player with dedicated server software! Customizable characters and UI/crosshair settings!

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This 2D mini-shooter/platformer will test your reaction, aiming, and WASD control skills to their limits ... although for just a short amount of time.

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Cobalt WASD! A new game published by Mojang - out now! thumbnail

Cobalt WASD! A new game published by Mojang - out now!

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