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General Information

Available on:PCDec 21, 2017

Developer: ryan rose aceae

Genre: Interactive Story

GENDERWRECKED is a post-apocalyptic genderpunk visual novel about traveling broken lands and kissing/fighting/talking to monsters in an attempt to learn the true meaning of a mysterious force called GENDER. Make out with the sun Be mean to a tree Become parent to ONE HUNDRED FIFTY NINE MEATY BOYS Seduce a robot dad Gay worms Secret ending?????????? blood AND MANY MORE

Genderwrecked Critic Reviews

Toward the end, Genderwrecked drops its pretenses and casual memes. I almost felt like it was rewarding me for making it so far — like it trusted me enough now to show its emotional core. It exchanges its flippant jokes for an earnest dialogue about how messy it can be to unravel the threads of identity, to figure out who you are when you're not backed in a corner by external forces and oppressors. And it reassures you that it's OK to not know, it's OK to be considered monstrous by those who don't understand. There will always be people out there who do.

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