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General Information

Available on:PCDec 7, 2017

Developer: Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games

Genres: Action, Strategy

I have been developing games and creating pixel art full time for a little over three years now. I have spent a lot of time studying and trying to perfect "game feel" principles. Gunlock is the first installment in what I have dubbed the "mini series." Gunlock is a small but very polished score chasing game with retro gameboy palette pixelart. FEATURES: Stomp on enemies in order to increase combo multiplier and reload ammo. Pick up ammo supplies to fully reload and swap to a random gun. Gun them enemies down with over a dozen different guns! Collect coins to purchase more guns and sexy color palettes! Compete against other players across the Steam leaderboards on 3 different stages! Defeat 3 Giant bosses! One hit and you're dead... so don't get hit. Gunlock was developed by two people: Aleksandar Kuzmanovic [MrAmlice] - Coding / Design / Art / SFX Brian Havey [zminusone] - Music / Additional SFX

Gunlock Reviews

It's easy to get lost in the score-based challenges Gunlock has to offer. It's not the meatiest title around, but its tight platforming mechanics and tough-but-fair challenge will appeal to platforming fans looking for their next fix.

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