Konrad the Kitten

FusionPlay, IT Sonix custom development GmbH

Konrad the Kitten MastheadKonrad the Kitten Masthead

Konrad the Kitten

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftFeb 23, 2018
HTC ViveFeb 23, 2018
PlayStation VRFeb 23, 2018

Developer: FusionPlay

Publisher: IT Sonix custom development GmbH

Genre: Simulation

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of Konrad the Kitten and experience the first virtual cat that feels like a real one. Konrad, the cute kitten, needs a helping hand and lots of love. You have to satisfy his needs and desires: Give him his cat food in the kitchen, put him in his litter box, let him take a ride in a hot-air-balloon and lots more! A particular highlight for all cat fans is the unique plush toy mode. This feature brings your favorite plush toy to life as a virtual cat, letting you feel like it's really there. Hold it, cuddle it and play with it as though it were your real pet. As you gain Konrad's love and affection, you unlock new features. It is your job to make Konrad happy, and you have access to various rooms and areas in which to do so. In the Dress Room, you can unlock more than 50 accessories and dress you kitten any way you want. How about cool glasses, a funny little hat or a suit for Konrad? You can even change the color of his coat. Play pawsome mini-games and win valuable coins. Hunt mice with Konrad, and catch as many of the nimble rodents as you can. Put your skills and reactions to the test in the fishing game. Or try out the obstacle course, guiding Konrad carefully and skilfully through rings. The more you care for him, the faster his experience increases and his love for you grows. Look after him daily and care for him as though he were a real furry friend. Cuteness overload awaits all cat fans in this unique virtual reality game. Experience a new way to combine real life and virtual reality. Will you be the purrfect pal for Konrad?

Konrad the Kitten Reviews

A VR game about taking care of a stuffed cat, with no target audience. Would you really want to prepare whole PlayStation VR gear and set the camera in an unusual way just to play (I mean – wait) for 15 min and call it a day?

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8.7 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Konrad the Kitten isn't for everyone – it's a game built of out love for people who want a virtual pet they can visit either daily or every now and again and experience in VR. I can personally see this being more appealing to the younger age ranges which is why the ~30minute playtime is a good idea as it means parents can allow their children to jump in without being in it for hours on end.

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