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Samurai Aces

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchFeb 15, 2018

Developer: Zerodiv

If you went to video arcades, you might know the name Psikyo. Psikyo made a special shooting game in 1993. This story is from the far east, at the Sengoku period, when six ace samurai assemble and fight in the air. The name is Samurai Aces! There is a fish with a human-looking face, a daruma, a female ninja, a buddhist priest, a last boss...and a dog? What unique characters they are! Samurai Aces is the first shooting game of Psikyo. Let’s enjoy the history of Psikyo now!

Samurai Aces Reviews

Whether playing alone or with a friend Samurai Aces is fun to replay whenever you choice to boot it up.

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Samurai Aces is a solid debut shmup from one of the most notable developers in the genre.

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