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Gauntlet of Ire

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 15, 2017

Developer: KillerPokeGames

Genres: Puzzle, Action

A 35 part obstacle course that is deceptively simple and infuriatingly obvious in the most difficult way. Your memory, reaction time, hand eye coordination, and critical thinking will all be challenged. You will die hundreds of times before beating this game, because you will fail. The game is the same, but each level provides a new challenge to never let you plateau. Each goal is the same, make it to the other side using only your wit and skill. How you reach it depends entirely on you.

Gauntlet of Ire Reviews

Gauntlet of Ire is an absolutely unforgiving game, but it's one that is full of creativity. Those that can overcome its impossibly steep difficulty curve and floaty physics will find a meaty adventure that provides a nice, healthy challenge.

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