Rascal Revolt

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Mar 27, 2018

Developer: Seamantis Games

Genre: Action

Rascal Revolt is a cooperative shooter set in a theme park in which you’ll have to take down the evil toys that did stole all your candy. Gather with your friends and prepare to spend all evening defeating evil piñatas and crazy clowns. Take the role of one of the four distinct characters and use their special or get together to unleash the power of the combo attacks. Choose Axel if speed and danger is what drives you, Billy if you’re of the healing and support kind, JM if you feel like protecting your friends or Maki-chan if you’re here just to calmly aim and shoot.

Rascal Revolt Critic Reviews



Rascal Revolt is a fun and colorful game on PS4. The one complaint I'd have about the game is that the camera could use some extra work since I felt it moved around a bit too fast, but other than that, this is a game that is easy to recommend on Sony's console.

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Rascal Revolt | Launch Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

Rascal Revolt | Launch Trailer | PS4