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Raining Coins

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Apr 5, 2018
PCDec 6, 2017
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Crazysoft Limited

Genre: Arcade

It's raining gold coins! Help cute Eve buy a trampoline. Come, play & catch them Super cute & challenging game! Difficult at times but supper addictive. The skies have opened up but it’s not raining cats and dogs! It’s raining gold coins! Help cute Eve catch the gold coin and buy the toys she loves. A trampoline, a pogo stick, α pneumatic drill and finally a rocket! Free super addictive family game fun for kids, teenagers and grownups. Help Eve's poor destiny. You can even dress up her with amazing costumes like disco fever, baby costumes, pharaoh, halloween costumes. ► FREE TO PLAY ► Super cute game graphics & characters. ► 4 worlds & 80 exciting rounds to play. ► Dress up Eve with skirts, costumes and accessories! ► Get help if you need it. ► Free bonus items every day. ► Full tablet support with Full HD graphics. ► Eve online: Share your accomplishments with friends on Facebook. ► Graphics change according to weather conditions ► 2 gameplays. Touch screen & tilting the device (which is super difficult)

Raining Coins Critic Reviews

While this game is definitely not one I could recommend to any of my friends to play it is one that I would possibly point to for a gamer with young children. While it might be hard for some of the younger audience to play it does seem to be a game that could increase the youngsters hand/eye coordination. Other than that, you’d be better off picking this up on the free model for mobile and using it to pass your time while in a waiting room.

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7.8 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Raining Coins is another fun go-to game for me whilst I wait for something to download or if I only have a few minutes to play on something before I do something else. Due to its origins as a mobile game, I find playing games like this in short bursts the best way to play them – although why it isn't on the Vita is questionable as it falls into my "should be on the vita" list. The cute nature of the game will appeal to younger audiences but the challenge will also appeal to older gamers as well – don't be put off by the way it looks, this game is hard and yet rewarding as you get to buy a gift for a small, crying girl.

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