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Mario Sports Mix

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General Information

Available on:Wii UAug 11, 2016

Publishers: Square Enix, Nintendo

Take the field of play and enjoy the arcade multiplayer fun of a Mario sports game that makes it easy for everyone to join in. Pick characters from the worlds of both Nintendo and Square Enix or your favourite Mii characters as up to four players enjoy zany versions of Volleyball, Dodgeball, Hockey and Basketball. Use the Wii Remote to pull off special moves as you tackle challenges the whole family will find intuitive to get to grips with. Let the games begin! Special items like coins and shells ensure games can always take an unexpected turn, and even the courts you play on will throw up a few unique challenges of their own! Up to four players can enjoy all the athletic action in Mario Sports Mix, using either the Wii Remote alone or combining it with the Nunchuk controller. Whatever way you play, it’s easy for players of all ages to get involved in this crazy sports game! There are plenty of characters to choose from when the time comes to get in the sports game! Play as famous Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach, or opt to take control of characters from the world of Square Enix. If you like, you can really put yourself in the game by playing as your self-created Mii characters. Different characters boast different skills, so choose carefully before stepping onto the field of play in a multiplayer match! Take your Mii to famous Mushroom Kingdom locations in Mario Sports Mix as you battle for the win. From Peach's Castle to Luigi's Mansion, where you play could affect the outcome of the game. Look out for the metal balls bouncing around on the Waluigi Pinball court, and wait for the waves to wash up bonus items on Koopa Troopa Beach! Whether you’re playing basketball, hockey, volleyball or dodgeball, know that each court serves up a few rules of its own!

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Mario Sports Mix is just what the title suggests: a mix.

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