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General Information

Available on:PCAug 9, 2017

Publishers: AGM PLAYISM, Studio 4D

Genres: Simulation, Real-Time Strategy

Lost Technology is a real-time-strategy (RTS) siege game. The game is centred around three major phases: Phase One: Turn-Based War Strategy Recruit units, and build your army. Find those who will fight for you, command their movements and formation to smoothly prepare to assault your enemy’s territories, or being diplomacy to build peaceful and prosperous relations. Phase Two: Real-Time Battle Co-ordinate your army and navigate them through the battle field. With a variety of terrains, attacks and formations, utilize them all to overpower and defeat your enemy. Phase Three: Story Event Play through scenarios, each triggered by special events within the game. Your choices and interactions here will affect your strategy and progression. You must take control of all territories to complete the game. THE WORLD At a glance, the world of Lost Technology appears to resemble the Middle Ages, as well as a fantasy setting. However, civilization had once exceeded our current level of scientific advancement. This drastic difference in advancement is due to the decaying effects of ongoing war. What remains in the game is the world experienced by the player. Long ago when the realms were undivided, there existed incredibly advanced technology that we could not even imagine. This technology would be: "Weaponry", "Ideology", "Appliances", "Theory", "Manufacture", "Speech", "Craft", "Knowledge", "Study" and "Law"... A wide range of fields that were developed over long periods of history. However, most of this has now been lost through the endless wars. The player's mission is to choose a single power and bring an end to the wars, once again creating a world of peace.

Lost Technology Reviews


Eric Ace
8 / 10

A shining example of graphics not making a game, players who look past this issue and some user interface designs will find in Lost Technology a game with multiple, well-written plots, engaging strategy, and an entire system that encourages multiple replays. It is rare to have a story that is actually unique, compounded with a simple, yet deep strategy layer that combines into an overall package highly recommend for strategy fans that can handle a little anime flair.

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