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Adventure of a Lifetime

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 26, 2018

Developer: MoeNovel

Genre: Interactive Story

“THERE’S SOMETHING I NEED TO GET BACK. SOMETHING PRECIOUS THAT SANK INTO THE OCEAN YEARS AGO." Continuing the Coming-of-Age Collection, featuring If My Heart Had Wings and A Sky Full of Stars, MoeNovel is proud to present Adventure of a Lifetime. The story takes place on the World Heritage-listed Ogasawara Islands. After a four-year absence, Hiroki Mizuno returns to the island during his summer vacation to help his grandmother with her shop. The story begins as he encounters a beautiful blonde girl, Emily, on the deck of the ferry on his way to the island. Emily has run away from home. She has her mind set on retrieving “sunken treasure”. Chisa, an old friend with whom Hiroki reconnects on the island, provides some insight. “The Ghost Ship―that's what we call one of the shipwrecks around here." It’s said that the treasure Emily is after lies in a shipwreck that disappears each time there’s a storm. Emily, the beautiful blonde-haired girl. Chisa, the childhood friend with golden, suntanned skin. This summer, pass the days on a tropical island with two beautiful girls, scuba diving, and adventure! Their destination: the “Ghost Ship”. Somewhere just past where the sky meets the sea... FEATURES: Character-specific story branches to play through Full voice-overs throughout the game for all characters (not including the protagonist) Stunning sights and sounds from the underwater world

Adventure of a Lifetime Critic Reviews

What Adventure of a Lifetime lacks in excitement, it makes up for in a well-paced plot framed through a rather introspective lens. Hiroki isn't a particularly engaging protagonist, but he's not so bland as to detract from the story or lacks in an arc, and both Chisa and Emily, the visual novel's co-leads, feature plenty of characterisation to move the story along. Where Adventure of a Lifetime really shines, however, is in its sound design. The entire read is scored by a nautical sound that genuinely brings the Ogasawara Islands to life. Adventure of a Lifetime could have done with a tighter script, but it nonetheless makes for a solid, if a bit light, read with just enough to take away.

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The story may be average and the game may have some blurry art, but the setting and game length make up for these faults. It is a nice little love story that is great to experience in the moment.

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