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Code51: Mecha Arena

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation VRApr 24, 2018

Developer: DeerVR Games

2040 A.D., the world condition continues to deteriorate. Fighting for very limited living resources, World War III had broken among the major forces. The great war exhausted almost all regular energy sources of the world, human civilization was mostly destroyed… People who survived the cataclysm reunited to find new energy sources. During which, they found the so-called Document of Code51, in which a mystery energy substance Code51 has been revealed. With its discovery, mechs were made with this new energy. Warlords rose, factions formed. The union is as fragile as post-apocalyptic humanity. With these giant war gears, factions conflicted for exploiting Code51, another great war is breeding on the bruised earth…

Code51: Mecha Arena Critic Reviews


7.5 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Code51: Mecha Arena is a fun multiplayer focused Free-for-all combat simulator with big guns! The game will auto-generate bots to play against whilst online until they are replaced by other PSVR owners which means you get into matches super quick and experience hardly any wait times. The gameplay is slow and steady, just like you would expect, yet it's also exciting and very entertaining once you really get into it. I would love some customisation options, but as it is, you have access to a decent selection of Mechas – all with strengths and weaknesses – which keeps the gameplay fresh and entertaining.

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Code51:Mecha Arena: Loong

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Code51:Mecha Arena: Ranger

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Code51:Mecha Arena: Eskimo


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