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Henry The Hamster Handler

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Available on:Nintendo SwitchMay 18, 2018

Publisher: Pocketmoneygames

The ancient art of hamster alchemy, a long-forgotten art... until now. Join the team at Hamsters Inc. as they delve into the practice and reveal that hamsters must endure as many near-death experiences as possible and over time, the little furry balls of fun turn into bronze, silver, and gold! It’s your job to ensure that they survive the ordeal before they get melted down and turned into a fancy pair of earrings!

Henry The Hamster Handler Reviews

Featuring simple but effective controls and some repetitiveness-preventing measures, it loses out when it comes to its sound environment, as it could be much better, especially when it assumes such an importance in the puzzle solving component, and it lacks a certain sense of purpose.

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