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Perils of Baking

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 5, 2018

Developer: LILLYMO

Genre: Platformer

Perils of Baking is a 2D platformer akin to the retro games that inspired it. You play as the younger of two brothers, famous for their baking. It's up to you to stop your brother's evil plans as he has given in to a dark atifact,

Perils of Baking Critic Reviews

8 / 10

Perils of Baking is fun, but I do think it has the potential to be expanded over the included 40 levels, since the gameplay mechanics are fun and the whole baking theme works for a platformer with the crazy enemy designs. No idea if the developer will release additional levels for this one or if he might be considering working on a sequel, and I definitely look forward to seeing what he does next. If you're looking for a fun budget 2D platformer for PS4, then be sure to check this one!

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Perils of Baking is a fun 2D platformer on PS4 with more than enough content to justify its asking price. The graphics are a bit on the raw side, but the gameplay is fun and that more than makes up for things. If you're looking for a new 2D platformer on PS4, then be sure to check this one out!

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I really enjoyed my time with this game. I found the levels to be enjoyable and the challenges, when presented, to be overall well done. I would have liked to see more level design and uniqueness in each of the 40 levels but nonetheless it was a fun and enjoyable time. I also am taking in to consideration the pricing for the game when I play and review this. Though there are some things I'd like to see different, for the cost of the game I really cannot complain with what is available. Also for any trophy hunter out there, this is a quick platinum you can pick up for a cheap price.

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