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General Information

Available on:PCJul 3, 2018

Developers: JoyBits, LTD, Play Cute

Genre: Adventure

Get yourself a little summer's day with a raspberry jam adventure! Our hero was spending summer happily at the cottage until curiosity forced him to sample an unknown berry at the stream. Before he knew it, everything had become incredibly large, and he was reduced to the size of a bug! Trying to understand what happened and how to return things back to normal, we set off into the invisible to the human eye tiny world, where worms, beetles and spiders live their life, and build bizarre vehicles, in disguise so that humans do not realize. Our new friends will surely help us by discovering the secret healing potion, which will return us to our previous dimensions. All we need is to collect enough raspberries to cook grandmother's jam. And as we all know - this is a remedy for all ills!

Varenje Critic Reviews

Varenje does resemble a game that can be easily enjoyed by anyone, and with the first episode being free on steam, it sure accentuates the ability for anyone to pick it up and play it. With light puzzle content and a collection click-adventure game style, it doesn't require fast reaction times or exceptional dexterity from the player. While the story is largely uncomplimentary to the game-style, for appropriately aged gamers, Varenje can still be an enjoyable diversion for the puzzle minded gamer.

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