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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftAug 7, 2018
HTC ViveAug 7, 2018
PlayStation VRAug 7, 2018

Developer: Survios

Genres: Music, Simulation

Ever wanted to ride the vibes of a top DJ playing a packed festival’s main stage? Here’s your chance to shine: all it takes to be an Electronaut is the passion to become one with the beat. Create music with confidence, no matter your skill level, as you make music magic in this VR-exclusive experience. FEATURES: Top Artists: Mixmaster over 40 tracks from 50 artists across EDM, hip hop, trap, and countless other genres and make their music your own. Music Reality Engine™: Electronauts’ proprietary technology always keeps your sounds bumpin’ on beat, no matter how much you mix, with nine unique instruments. Experiment: Jam on eight digital instruments only possible in VR, from sampler orbs to sonic grenades, arrayed on a customizable deck. Remix: Record loops and sequences, layer filters, mashup and arrange songs to your style as you make them your own. Collaborate: Partner up with a friend or jump into a quick-match sesh to form the ultimate power duo. Perform: Crush your set with surreal visuals, adaptable colors, and dynamic camera angles that make your performance fit your mood. Featuring music from the likes of The Chainsmokers, ODESZA, Krewella, Tiesto, ZHU, and DJ Shadow, Electronauts puts their music in your hands to remix, produce, and perform. Electronauts has already wowed crowds with live performances by 12th Planet and Bijou at EDC Las Vegas and showcases at E3, SXSW, and NAMM—and now it’s your turn to step into the spotlight.

Electronauts Critic Reviews

Electronauts' slickly presented, highly interactive sound stage makes for a thoroughly entertaining musical application. It's so easy to get into the groove as you remix songs in virtual reality, and while you probably won't recognise a lot of the artists included, the songs are solid and easy to manipulate. Veteran musicians may long for a little more control, but by emphasising accessibility, this is a game that everyone can enjoy.

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Simply put, Survios has done it again. Electronauts is not only one of the most enjoyable music games I've ever played, but it serves as a stark reminder of why Survios are some of the very best in the business.

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This game is truly for anyone that has a PSVR.

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Electronauts has a lot going for it thanks to the immersion, the Music Reality Engine that keeps everything in tune no matter how hard you may try to mess up, the amazing sounds, and the number of artists who allowed part of their heart and soul to be your creative playground. Some people are able to show their artistic sides in various ways that people will admire, but sometimes we just need that freedom of the virtual platform to be able to bring out our creative sides that we may not know we had.

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Electronauts Tutorial - How To: Backing Tracks

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(Advanced) Electronauts Tutorial - How To: Vocals Tool

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(Advanced) Electronauts Tutorial - How To: Switching Up the Vibe


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