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General Information

Available on:PCJun 25, 2018

Developer: Planar Gazer

Genre: Puzzle

A dazzling ballet of color, form, sound and arithmetic, Squirgle is a fast-paced puzzle game meant for brief moments and all whereabouts. The extremely short nature of its individual games means it can be played in practically any context--either alone or against a friend (or enemy) on your computer. Just try and bring a pair of headphones. WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH SQUIRGLE? Pump up the volume for NaN's original tunes, which run the gamut from rollicking electronic to less rollicking electronic. Master the concept of number bases so you can later impress your STEM friends with your newfound knowledge. When your STEM friends won't talk to you anymore, apply your prowess elsewhere; use abstract addition to amass a myriad of shapes, all embedded within one another in a manner that's been called "pretty cool". Fly through said shapes like Dave in 2001's third act. Put down Squirgle, and pop in your copy of 2001, because you haven't watched it in something like two full days.

Squirgle Critic Reviews

Squirgle's complex nature makes for a high barrier of entry that practically eliminates any sort of mainstream appeal. As a result, it simply does not have the lasting power of other puzzlers on the market today.

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