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General Information

Available on:PCSep 28, 2018
Nintendo SwitchSep 28, 2018

Developers: Wastelands Interactive, Digital Melody

Genre: Puzzle

One of the best physics based puzzle games in the store! Stack objects and make it steady! Stones, boxes, bananas - whatever you can imagine. Place all the stuff to make a steady tower and have fun finding the balance. Think over, select and rotate elements, cut the line and drop objects gently. Find the Balance is a puzzle like game joining an art of stone stacking with easy but challenging gameplay. One of the best physics games you've ever played that you can enjoy with a friend! Features: - 100+ levels - 4 single player game modes (classic, stars, endless, autofall single) - 3 multiplayer game modes (adding blocks, speed stack, autofall multi) - 35+ cutting items to unlock - many different soundracks to listen to - unlimited fun placing physical objects - great physics and balancing challenge

Find The Balance Critic Reviews


Visually speaking the game features a very minimalist presentation with some line art to establish the playing space and the area where you can see the next object(s) you can use for your run, with the color being added by the objects you'll be stacking. Other than that you have a white (or black) background and nothing more. This design choice will allow you to focus on the action, but the minimalist look might not be everyone's cup of tea – hopefully, it's not a deal-breaker for you since this is a fun puzzle game!

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8 / 10

Find The Balance is a fun physics-based puzzle games on Nintendo Switch that you can enjoy on your own or with a soon to be ex-friend. There are plenty of puzzles to complete in the two single player modes, and with the auto-fall and endless modes the fun is certainly endless.

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Find the Balance strikes a balance between the world of Jenga and the world of video games. Its control scheme is not a perfect fit for the job, but those looking for a casual title that allows players to be creative can find it here.

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