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Owl Watch

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Game Information

Available on:PCNov 12, 2018

Developer: Agelvik

Genre: Adventure

Awaken from your slumber as you venture out to seek ancient crystallized devices in three different locations. You must activate them all and repel the darkness before it collides with your world.

As you travel you will encounter various dangerous obstacles you have to overcome. Dash your way through them as you gather all the keys needed for the inactive devices.

In the past there were once a beautiful city, where people and technology thrived.
But one day, darkness wiped it all out. To prevent the darkness from consuming the world once more, a defense mechanism were made.
Every time it threatens, a new Watcher awakens from its slumber to activate the devices.
Today, the darkness returns. You must destroy it before it's too late.

10 to 30 mins play time


Fight your way past crumbling platforms and enraged wolves with precise timing and stealth.

Immerse yourself in three unique worlds with atmospheric music and sound.

Beautiful and charming low-poly style with shimmering colors.
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Owl Watch - Launch Trailer

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Owl Watch Trailer

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Gamers Heroes

4 / 10
Casey Scheld

Owl Watch provides a hollow experience when all is said and done. Its distinct low poly aesthetics stand out, but the lack of content and short length prevent this title from making any sort of impact.

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