Fission Superstar X

Turbo Pelvis 3000

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Fission Superstar X

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneMay 21, 2019
PCMay 21, 2019

Developer: Turbo Pelvis 3000

Genres: Arcade, Action

While working on his latest nuclear bomb, Dr. Leopold had a revelation. He wasn't creating a weapon of mass destruction; he was creating a nuclear superstar! Was it the radiation sickness or was Leopold always insane like this? Who knows and who cares? Now you must do his bidding and tour the solar system with Celine, his dear bomb. Who would not be thrilled to host the concert of a nuclear bomb under the control of a clearly insane scientist? Everybody it seems, that's why they are all trying to destroy Leopold's creation.

Fission Superstar X Reviews

The developers really capture the ’90s Genesis aesthetic without the system’s technical limitations as this is a gorgeous pixel game that features huge detailed sprites and colorful backgrounds.

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Fission Superstar X is a nice looking game that may make you think you want to play it since you loved FTL. It's a hole different thing though. It an space shooter that rips almost all control out of your hands, randomizes every aspect of the game and makes you make difficult choices. It's great if you are into that sort of things, I'm not.

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Fission Superstar X, out in may 2019. thumbnail

Fission Superstar X, out in may 2019.

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Fission Superstar X

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Fission Superstar X


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