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D.H.Zombie Zone

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 10, 2019

Developer: Sun&Eyes

Publisher: Zotdinex

Genres: Arcade, Action

The day began as the most common in the life of a comic book seller, but after the store closed, horror began that is comparable to the plot of the comic book, because crowds of walking dead ran from all the streets, each of them was eager to try the still fresh brains of an unsuspecting seller who caution kept with him an automatic rifle and a pistol, is it worth saying that the dead did not expect such hospitality. D.H.Zombie Zone is a two-dimensional shooter, the main gameplay element of which is shooting at the walking dead of various sizes, from fat people to flying scavengers. In addition to firearms, the player can use grenades, shoot down falling boxes with various bonuses that will help the player throughout the night, until the long-lived dawn. Game features: - Hardcore and meat! - Beautiful Pixel-Art - Responsive management - Variety of enemies

D.H.Zombie Zone Critic Reviews

D.H. Zombie Zone lacks the creative touches that have made more popular zombie shooters stand out. Fighting against the endless waves of the undead quickly proves to be a mindless affair, something that resembles its zombie horde.

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