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Crumple Zone

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 31, 2019

Developer: OutOfTune

Genre: Racing

Old School Arcade Crash Racing! Inspired by the countless metal-bending games of the 90s and 2000s, Crumple Zone brings back the simple, colorful and timeless fun of ridiculous car-smashing. It's All About Destruction! You're a bad driver? Great! Crumple Zone is not about racing fast - score high by driving absolutely reckless. Car Customization! Beat highscores in the arcade mode to unlock new items to customize the look of your stock car. 2 Player Split Screen Mode! Remember back when this was a thing? Cheesy Story Mode! Single player championships are connected by a backstory. Get introduced to the lore, meet your lunatic opponents in visual-novel-like cutscenes and destroy them on the track. Real-time Damage Model! With a lot of crumpling - naturally. Fully 4k compatible and mastered! If you got the hardware, we got the pixels. Retro-Inspired Soundtrack! Carefully selected songs that bring back that 90s feeling - sorry, no dubstep here.

Crumple Zone Reviews


Joshua (Shnook)
5.5 / 10.0

Crumple Zone starts off fun and exciting but then frustrates you with bad controls and lack of content in the beginning of the game. Crashing into cars is a lot of fun though.

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Crumple Zone Steam Release Gameplay Trailer

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Crumple Zone - Arcade Demolition Derby Racing Game

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