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Lines Infinite

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 24, 2017
Nintendo SwitchAug 22, 2019

Publisher: Konstructors Entertainment

Lines Infinite is a Numberlink-based puzzle game involving finding paths to connect colored tiles in a grid. - 99 brain-teasing Numberlink puzzles - Random level generator - beautiful abstract design, more than 10 color themes - 8 ambient relaxing soundtracks

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Lines Infinite by Nestor Yavorskyy (2017) - Launch trailer thumbnail

Lines Infinite by Nestor Yavorskyy (2017) - Launch trailer

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Lines Infinite Reviews

If you want 99 numberlink puzzles, Lines Infinite delivers a bit of fun, in a strictly linear fashion. But even free mobile numberlink variants offer much more, like achievements and such, for replay value.

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